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Music, standing the test of time

By Daniel Gillette

It is told that at one point in time a man came out and said that there was nothing more for humanity to invent. The man supposedly worked for the United States patent office. He claimed that we had invented everything there was to invent. This also supposedly happened in the 19th century.  Now imagine how wrong that guy was! Can’t blame the guy for not foreseeing the ability to connect with anyone in the world from just the palm of your hand.

Now, imagine if someone said that there were no more music that could be made up. Sometimes as a kid I would wander off in thought and it made me sad thinking that one day we will have run out of different sounds to make up and that all the songs will become repetitive. Years later I heard dubstep and all the new sounds that that brought in. We will never run out of music.

On so many levels music is amazing. The most amazing part of it is how influential it in human society. Just as the world changes so does music. Lets look at the world and how little it changed from the year 0 to the Renaissance. The Renaissance changed the world a lot, but before that the change year to year was minuscule. After the Renaissance the change stopped for years until the industrial era. That’s when the snow ball really started to gain traction. Now we see progression yearly. Just in the past twenty years we have seen incredible changes.

If you look at the world of music it passed through similar stages just like the world. It looks like music had minimal changes for years in the worlds early existence. Sure, it is not as notated as world history, but we know about some great musicians that are still remembered today. Mozart, Beethoven and many more like them. When did they live may you ask? Both of them were born in the 1700’s and Beethoven lived into the 1800s. When did the Industrial Revolution happen? Humanity started to use Iron in the early 1700s. Steam Powered engines started in the 1800s. The correspondence is very closely connected.

Going back to Renaissance you know that the growth inspired more artists of music. After so much time they aren’t remembered by name. I would bet quite a bit to say that the musicians of that time were also very revolutionary.

All of the sudden we arrive to the 1900s and we see an explosion of music. So many genres and songs that are developing so fast. Every decade a new genre that represents it. Just like inventions, the music will never stop. We will keep on making music because in the end it is an invention.

Now the question I propose is does art provoke us to invent or does the things we invent inspire us to create music? The question you can answer. No matter how you answered though we must be thankful for this Cool Music that we have now.

How to market your band

So, you believe that your band plays high quality music and the audience likes your style but you have a small problem – you simply cannot reach bigger audience. You don’t have to worry about that. In order to promote your band and become successful you need to use some marketing strategies. In case you are wondering how to market your band, you should know that there are many ways in which you can do that.

If you are relatively new in this field, you should never (almost never) refuse gigs. Go to school concerts, gigs at festivals, private parties, pubs, bars, nightclubs etc. This is one of the best ways to market your band. Of course, you should refuse playing music in places which are completely different from the style you are practicing.

Another good idea is to give away CDs with your music and other promotional materials (posters, key chains, lighters etc.). Once you establish your brand you can start selling your CDs but try to set a reasonable price.

We are living in a digital age so don’t forget to use the power of the internet. There are numerous social media websites which can help you market your band. Most of them are offering creation of free fan pages and profiles. Create profiles on the most popular networks and try to be active. Inform your fans about some upcoming gigs and events and share your latest music with them. Some social media websites like MySpace are primarily created for musicians so having a profile on these websites is a must.

Guitar Christmas Ornaments

So you have a guitar that you use to entertain your guests and friends or maybe you are a professional guitar player that has regular gigs and you want to add some custom look on your guitar? Do you want to make the guitar more personalized? The simplest way to do that is by adding some guitar ornaments. Of course, you can always paint your guitar, but this process is very difficult and it requires patience and some knowledge too. Some people leave their guitars to professionals in order to get a new look. This is also an option but an expensive option.

Guitar ornaments are very convenient way to decorate your guitar. This is why there are so many manufacturers offering different types of guitar ornaments. They are offering ornaments in different shapes and colors. One type of decoration is especially popular during Christmas – guitar Christmas ornaments.

These ornaments are very beautiful because they can enrich the ambience and overall performance of any guitar player. No matter if we are talking about a professional guitar player on a mini concert or in the local bar or a guitar enthusiast that plays a guitar only in front of their friends or family, this type of ornament will surely make the whole act look more interesting. Applying these guitar Christmas ornaments is very easy and removing them is no different. They come in various colors, sizes and shapes and the best part is that can be found online and they come at a really low price.

Bob Dylan:  The Legend

To classify the legendary Bob Dylan as a just a singer would be a travesty; the man is a lyricist whose words and music have managed to transcend generations. Raised in Hibbing, Minnesota, Dylan’s prowess as a songwriter has garnished him world wise praise and recognition. He is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, an 11 time Grammy Winner, and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But more importantly, his political acumen and social criticism has earned him the title of one of the most influential artists of our time. But what inspires Dylan’s creativity? And can the vastness of influences be traced to a singular source?

If one wanted to take Dylan’s upbringing into account when trying to pinpoint the origin of his creativity, they would be fascinated by its simplicity. In interviews, Dylan has professed that growing up in Minnesota didn’t provide him with much cultural exposure and that it was the serenity found in nature that fueled him. His self-titled debut album, released in 1962, chronicled his transition from this modest backdrop to the streets of New York City. But it was his later albums, like The Times They Are a-Changin’ and Highway 61 Revisited, where he tapped into the more intense issues of poverty, war, and racism. Instead of shying away from turmoil, Dylan confronted it head on. He has gone on to say that his songs are historical, biographical, and geographical; they represent a particular state of mind and a particular territory.

Stylistically speaking, Dylan has often basked in the glory of his peers and his ability to be inspired by them. They include Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, John Glenn, and Toni Morrison. The result from being surrounded by such historical titans was the sound that Dylan became known for—his virtuosic combination of folk and blues music. His classic “Like a Rolling Stone” became the template for artists looking to make a brazen and meaningful pop statement. Dylan also credits the power of live performance for his sustenance. He has previously stated that songs don’t have the same energy in the studio as they do when they are performed in front of an audience. Dylan has also become as infamous for playing shows as he has for his lyrics. He has consistently been touring since the 60s and insists that it is something that you learn how to do. The countless shows the man has played and perfected have only solidified his status as an icon.

In 2012, he released his thirty-fifth studio album entitled Tempest. His traditional music influences are still prevalent in his latest work. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Dylan also is an established visual artist. He has published several books of drawings, with the most famous one being Drawn Blank. His work has been featured in several major galleries including New York’s Gagosian and London’s Halcyon. The Drawn Blank Series was exhibited in the United States for the first time earlier this year.

Author box

Mahee Ferlini lives in Lucca, Italy.  She’s a Bob Dylan fan and Executive Administrative Director at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies.


Best Live Wedding Band

When it comes to wedding planning, the devil is in the details. While people will use the expression; “it’s the thought that counts” as an excuse for giving a loved one a cheap present, no excuses will suffice for a wedding. Second only to the food, the music is the most important part of a wedding and after party. Unless you and your guests are enjoying the music, you won’t be compelled to dance and let loose! Great music can lead to memories that last a lifetime. If you are located in Europe or the UK, look no further than lastrequest.net for all of your live music needs. The group has organized live music for over 300 weddings since 2005.

One of the biggest reasons why lastrequest is considered the internet’s one stop shop for wedding music is the company’s success. Since it’s organized performances for hundreds of weddings, it should be self evident that this company provides a high standard of service to its clientele. Since wedding performance is a competitive business, they generate most of their clients through referrals and word of mouth marketing. This is pretty easy to do when you can go above and beyond the expectations of the wedding planners.

When it comes to finding a wedding band London has a lot of different options. However, some of these so-called entertainment companies are nothing more than fly by night salesmen. Unlike your typical wedding band, lastrequest has a wealth of experience in the wedding performance business. These are not amateurs playing out of their parents ‘ basement flat. These are serious professionals who make a full time living out of doing what they love. This company specializes in performances that speak to newlyweds of our generation. They understand what will get a crowd excited while still abiding by the highest industry quality standards. After all, Last Request hasn’t only entertained at weddings but has hosted a plethora of different corporate events. Many of these events catered to executives at Fortune 500 companies.

There are no shortage of DJs and entertainment companies that make promises of delivering fist pumping shows. While many of them do know how to get a crowd excited, they often lack the sophistication and refinement of a conventional band. A lot of todays electronic music lacks the soul and timeless authenticity of a basic band. Last Request combines classical talent with today’s culture to create a unique and eclectic experience that guests of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy. Last Request doesn’t only offer high energy shows but offers experiences that will lead to memories lasting a lifetime. The band offers truly unique shows that blend a wide array of musical talents and repertoire.

While looking at online reviews certainly doesn’t hurt, they can only provide you with so much information. In this day and age, many entertainment companies will pay to reviews to puff up their reputation. Unlike the other guys, Last Request has a link to their live events on their website.

How to Learn the Piano

If you want to learn the piano you’re going to want to know a few things before you get started. First and foremost, you’ll want to find some beginner piano sheet music that deals with one hand at a time (starting off with your right). I know I know, you want to move on to sheet music like Clair de Lune or Beethoven’s Fur Elise but you can’t just start on advanced music right off the bat. You’ll have to slowly ease into it. It might be some time before you can even begin to understand advanced sheet music.

So, after you have your beginner sheet music you’ll want to learn how to read sheet music. This can be especially challenging but it gets easier over time. Yes there are those who just want to learn the piano by memorizing keys one at a time but being able to read sheet music helps profoundly in making you a better pianist. There are a couple of things you’ll need to know then. Sheet music is divided into lines, which often includes both a treble clef and a bass clef. The treble clef is the top staff and dictates what your right hand will play while the lower staff is the bass clef and tells you what your left hand will play. A staff is divided into 5 lines and a note appearing on or between the lines will tell you what note you shall play. We can’t explain everything about how to read sheet music but this is just a brief synopsis. You can learn how to read sheet music from a number of online sources and we recommend that you do it.

After you learn how to read piano sheet music you’ll need to practice often. That’s the only way to get better at the piano. You should set a reserved amount of time aside every day to practice and you need to commit to this schedule. You know how you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. So practice, practice, and practice some more. Learning the piano is often an exercise of natural progression. You’ll want to learn your single notes first and then move on to chords, and by doing so you’ll be able to play beginner sheet music and eventually move on to more advanced pieces. You’ll also want to practice scales routinely to keep your fingers nimble.

Why Take Guitar Lessons?

There are many reasons why people want to learn how to play guitar. Playing guitar is relatively simple, it creates your own style, it relieves stress, it boosts confidence etc. If you are interested in this learning process you should know that there are two ways to achieve that goal.

The first option is to learn without any help. In this way you will become a self-taught guitarist and truth to b told there are many successful guitarists that have learned playing guitar on their own.

However, it is always a better idea to take some formal guitar training because this type of learning comes with many benefits. You can choose taking online guitar lessons, private lessons with a professional instructor, specially designed classes and courses etc. No matter what type of formal training you choose you can be sure that you will witness a lot of benefits.

First of all, in this way you will learn the basic elements of playing a guitar. If you start learning on your own you can easily skip some steps and it would be more difficult to correct these things after that. With these lessons you will have a good foundation that will help you make progress in the future easier.

If you go for formal lessons you will have a more methodological approach in the process of learning. You can improve your technique when it comes to rhythm, chords, speed and scales. You will learn new techniques too.

Of course, you can always go with self-taught forms of learning but they are inefficient and slow. A formal guitar lesson can that lasts one hour will last 5 hours if you are trying to learn the same thing on your own.

If you have a professional instructor you can learn a lot of new things and you can practically learn from your teacher’s experience. When you have an actual person that is here to help you out with every problem you will see how important formal training is.

Some people play videos on YouTube hoping that they can learn how to play guitar. The truth is that every person has specific requirements and expectations and you can’t find a general video that will cover everyone’s needs. On the other hand, if you use an instructor for your lessons you can expect a specially designed program for you. He will be able to see where you need improvement and what you must practice more often.

Guitar lessons today are cheap. You can even find specialized websites offering online lessons. They usually ask for a certain monthly fee and you will get access to numerous lessons. Private lessons are probably the better option but they can be quite expensive. But if you do some research you may be able to find good deals on private lessons. If you are looking for a cheaper variant you can learn playing guitar at a guitar store, learn over Skype, Viber or other communication apps etc.

Taking guitar lessons is the right way to learn playing guitar properly.

The Best Music Transcription Online

Nowadays, getting dependable transcription services is easier said than done. Nowadays, businesses are increasingly looking to the internet for the clients and partners. It is absolutely imperative therefore, that they can effectively communicate with people in different languages. A high quality transcription service is a crucial service any person or business that wants to optimize their growth and ultimately acquire new clients.

While conventional transcription is in high demand, the need for music transcription is in more demand than ever. Luckily, onlinetranscriptionservices.biz is only a few clicks away. They are the go-to source for anything pertaining to music transcription. Regardless of how big or small your project is, the experts at this site will be happy to assist you with seeing your project to the end.

This site is not the ultimate source for music transcription service for no reason. They have gained popularity due to the sheer variety of transcription services that they offer. Since the site employs experts, clients can feel a piece of mind when they submit their projects. Clients love the submission process at onlinetranscriptionservices. Unlike the other guys, they offer a custom submission request service. The days of vague Skype requests and poor quality work are long gone. With onlinetranscriptionservices you can select the quantity and desired timeframe of your order. For just a dollar per minute you can get your transcription project taken care of by real experts who know their stuff. Forget about wasting time only to have to mope onto another company. Trust the experts.

Hiring a Band – Tips

If you are planning to host a party, corporate event or a wedding you should definitely take care about the entertainment. This aspect of the event can determine whether your guests will be satisfied or not. Many people choose DJs to take care of these things. However, in many cases hiring a DJ can be expensive and not very entertaining. That’s why more and more people choose to hire a band instead. If you choose a good band you can expect good ambience and better interaction between the guests.

Those who are interested in finding a band for their band should first check if the venue that they have chosen allows hiring a band. It is also good to check out if the venue has the necessary preconditions. The most important preconditions include – power sources and enough room. This is especially essential if you are hiring a band that consists of several members.

Once you have found the right band make sure you give the band enough time to prepare before the event starts. You don’t want them to set-up the instruments and the equipment when the event has started.

Since the performers will probably stay for several hours on the event remember to provide them a place where they can rest and possibly give them drinks and food. When the event is finished you will have to take care of the payment. It is probably a good idea to assign this task to someone close to you so you won’t have to waste time.

How to Find a Good Digital Piano

Digital pianos are getting really popular in the last few years. They are usually cheaper and more compact than traditional pianos. They also don’t require much maintenance, you can adjust the volume easily and they are far better when it comes to learning process. Nowadays there are many piano manufacturers that are offering various models of digital pianos and choosing a good one might be difficult especially for those who are new in this. Luckily, there are few general tips that can help you choose the right one.

First of all, check the tones and sounds that they are offering. Most of digital piano models are offering hundreds of original sounds and instruments but once you try them you will realize that most of them are useless. That’s why you need to find a digital piano that has some quality basic sounds and ignore the rest of the sounds that you will probably never use.

Instead of looking at the design, focus on the touch response. That’s the key factor for producing good sound. The bst digital pianos provide the same feeling when you touch the keyboard on a traditional piano.

Finally, check some digital piano reviews. You can find these reviews in specialized music magazines but now thanks to the internet you can find them easily online. A good digital piano model will definitely have lots of positive reviews. Furthermore, you can find specific advantages and disadvantages of certain models and find the one that suits you the most.

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