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The Best Music Transcription Online

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While conventional transcription is in high demand, the need for music transcription is in more demand than ever. Luckily, onlinetranscriptionservices.biz is only a few clicks away. They are the go-to source for anything pertaining to music transcription. Regardless of how big or small your project is, the experts at this site will be happy to assist you with seeing your project to the end.

This site is not the ultimate source for music transcription service for no reason. They have gained popularity due to the sheer variety of transcription services that they offer. Since the site employs experts, clients can feel a piece of mind when they submit their projects. Clients love the submission process at onlinetranscriptionservices. Unlike the other guys, they offer a custom submission request service. The days of vague Skype requests and poor quality work are long gone. With onlinetranscriptionservices you can select the quantity and desired timeframe of your order. For just a dollar per minute you can get your transcription project taken care of by real experts who know their stuff. Forget about wasting time only to have to mope onto another company. Trust the experts.

Hiring a Band – Tips

If you are planning to host a party, corporate event or a wedding you should definitely take care about the entertainment. This aspect of the event can determine whether your guests will be satisfied or not. Many people choose DJs to take care of these things. However, in many cases hiring a DJ can be expensive and not very entertaining. That’s why more and more people choose to hire a band instead. If you choose a good band you can expect good ambience and better interaction between the guests.

Those who are interested in finding a band for their band should first check if the venue that they have chosen allows hiring a band. It is also good to check out if the venue has the necessary preconditions. The most important preconditions include – power sources and enough room. This is especially essential if you are hiring a band that consists of several members.

Once you have found the right band make sure you give the band enough time to prepare before the event starts. You don’t want them to set-up the instruments and the equipment when the event has started.

Since the performers will probably stay for several hours on the event remember to provide them a place where they can rest and possibly give them drinks and food. When the event is finished you will have to take care of the payment. It is probably a good idea to assign this task to someone close to you so you won’t have to waste time.

How to Find a Good Digital Piano

Digital pianos are getting really popular in the last few years. They are usually cheaper and more compact than traditional pianos. They also don’t require much maintenance, you can adjust the volume easily and they are far better when it comes to learning process. Nowadays there are many piano manufacturers that are offering various models of digital pianos and choosing a good one might be difficult especially for those who are new in this. Luckily, there are few general tips that can help you choose the right one.

First of all, check the tones and sounds that they are offering. Most of digital piano models are offering hundreds of original sounds and instruments but once you try them you will realize that most of them are useless. That’s why you need to find a digital piano that has some quality basic sounds and ignore the rest of the sounds that you will probably never use.

Instead of looking at the design, focus on the touch response. That’s the key factor for producing good sound. The bst digital pianos provide the same feeling when you touch the keyboard on a traditional piano.

Finally, check some digital piano reviews. You can find these reviews in specialized music magazines but now thanks to the internet you can find them easily online. A good digital piano model will definitely have lots of positive reviews. Furthermore, you can find specific advantages and disadvantages of certain models and find the one that suits you the most.

The benefits of using music composition software

The advance of technology has influenced a lot of industries including the music industry. For example, musical compositions in the past were written by composers only by using their imagination, a piece of paper and a pen. Nowadays music composers can use a music composition program to ease that process. These programs are very helpful when it comes to editing certain parts of some composition. Instead of writing and erasing or maybe starting a completely new sheet of music, with just a few clicks professional composers can edit and fix their work.

Music composition software can save composers a lot of time. They can revise and even experiment with their work in a very short period. Even music composition students are advised to use this kind of programs because they can only bring benefit. With the help of this type of programs you can try to create some music piece even if you are not a professional musician.

Since there are a lot of music composition programs on the market, if you are interested in some of them, choose the one that is relatively easy to use. This program should have user friendly interface and should not require extended computer knowledge for those who use it. One example of a program like this is Forte. This product is becoming really popular among composers from around the world mostly because it is very affordable, it has many different features and finally it’s very easy to use.

Why Use an Encyclopedia of Music?

Do you remember the times when we had to ask our friends about some song that we know but we didn’t know the band or we have spent hours waiting for our favorite music video to be played on TV? With the advance of technology these days are gone and we can now easily browse through thousands of music videos over the internet. We can also find out more about our favorite singers and bands too. However, since there are many sources where we can find different information about music sometimes these researches are a little bit difficult and they take time too. That’s why we need an encyclopedia or an encyclopedia of music to be more precise, so we can easily find what we need.

With the help of an encyclopedia of music we can upgrade our knowledge and stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of music. There are many websites like these and what is great about them is that they are well structured and you can gain access to what you need with only few clicks. Just like any regular encyclopedia they have categorized music by genres, year, country, language and other categories so the user can easily find what he needs.

A modern online encyclopedia of music should contain quality works by performers from around the world. In some cases these online encyclopedias can be a great resource for those who are conducting some kind of research in this particular field. As you can see using an encyclopedia of music can be very beneficial and thanks to the internet you can start using one right now.

Invaders must party


For anybody keeping score, this is my fourth review of Alias Kid and my third at Liverpool’s District; a venue that is quickly becoming one of my favourite haunts. Tonight’s show was no exception to the high standard set by both the band and the venue, occurring as it did during Liverpool’s very own Sound City Festival.

The atmosphere in and around the venue was light and jovial; the coach load of Alias Kid’s Mancunian fans seemed to have come for a party; and why not? This is the mantra espoused by 359 Music’s and Alan McGee’s latest signing. The man who brought the brash and abrasive Oasis to the fore in 1994 has found a new gem; albeit one with a slightly different (and maybe more political) message. As the story goes, Alias Kid were signed by Alan McGee and 359 based on a gig in Manchester at the start of 2014 and tonight’s show began with a call to that effect.

According to the band’s Facebook page they have been recording their debut album with some top class producers in Glasgow over the past month. Whatever the reason, be it working with certain producers or simply getting time to sit down and look at the songs, it seems to me that the band has made a step on (pun intended; read on). The most notable change was to the opening track Never Negotiate which now seems to fit in so well with the band’s attitude; it really opened the set up with a bang.

As ever the ballads (ok I am an old romantic) got my vote; the beautiful “Smoke and Ashes” and the rousing “All Over Now” stealing the show for me. Not so maybe for the crowd who seemed to relish the upbeat numbers just as much as the slower tracks. As ever the on-stage conversations between Sean, Maz and the crowd were great entertainment, as was the crowd’s welcome to the band’s new bass player Nick.

So with all of the above what was the real unbiased highlight? People on each other’s shoulders for the upbeat numbers? People singing along to every tune with all their hearts? Well there is only one answer here; the highlight was the invasion.

Back at the start of the year I witnessed a stage invasion at the Ducie Bridge in Manchester where Alias Kid’s fans rushed the stage. It was punk and it was great. Last time out in District in March I saw a single security guard holding back the crowd. Tonight I saw the best stage invasion I have witnessed in years.

It was not so much the number of people who clambered up onto the stage that got to me (there were a lot of them by the way) it was the atmosphere that surrounded them. It was something that seemed to simultaneously want a party but that also wanted to stand for something; indeed they took over the microphone singing “Revolution Sometime” even after the band had stopped playing. They were only cut off when the (rather witty I must say) DJ blasted in with the Happy Mondays Step On… call the cops. But in all seriousness, it is as though these kids who rushed the stage are telling the world how disenfranchised they are with the world of music (and I would wager politics too) and Alias Kid are the outlet for this frustration.

It seems like in these times of socio-political unrest and musical alienation that one voice is shouting out. The voice was small at the start of the year and there are many who have yet to hear it; but it is getting louder and louder and with Alan McGee providing the microphone the message will no doubt be heard around the world. I for one cannot wait to hear what this debut album has to offer.

Review by Aiden Bartlett, May 2014

All-time best selling albums

Given below are some of the all time best selling Music Albums in Country Music, Hip Hop Music, Pop Music, Rock n Roll

Music Box- This is one of the most popular collection by Music Artist Mariah Carey. It released in the year 1993, 31st August in North America. Carey worked on this because she wished broadening her audience hence she choose R&B/ Pop oriented songs for this album of hers. With this, the team experimented with various kinds of organs as well as other musical instruments instead of going with previous contemporary efforts. There were 2 unused tracks called Everything Fades Away and Do you Think of Me. From this collection, 4 singles were released out of which the 1st three that include Without You, Hero, and Dreamlover became chart-topping singles worldwide. Without You turned out to be the highest charting single on international platform for Carey. She was nominated at 1994 Grammy Awards for her performance in Dreamlover, and in the year 1995 received Grammy Awards nomination for Hero.

Their Greatest Hits- This singles was a compilation album launched by Eagles. It includes 9 best-selling singles that released between the years 1972 and 1975. The genre includes soft rock, country rock, folk rock, and rock. In the year 1976, this music collection received distinction as being the first among all albums to get RIAA Platinum award. Their Greatest Hits was released under Asylum Records label on 17 February, 1976. Some of the tracks included in it are Take it Easy, Lyin Eyes, Desperado, Already gone, and Witchy Woman

Back in Black- this album genre is Hard rock. It was released in the year 1997 as part of DC/AC Remasters series by George Marino. Till June 2011, nearly 50 million copies of this musical collection had been sold worldwide making it all time’s second highest-selling Albums. Some of the best hits included in this are Shoot to thrill, Ain’t noise pollution, Hells bells, Back in black, Rock and roll and You shook me all night long. It was in Bahamas Compass Point Studio where Back in Black had been recorded.

Thriller- this album is by Michael Jackson who was an American recording artist. It is from pop, funk, rock, post-disco, and R&B genre. This musical collection made Jackson ion record-breaking 8 Grammy Awards including Album of the Year in 1984. Thriller from Jackson remains the best-selling collection with its sales reaching to 65 million copies all across the globe. The tracks included in Thriller are The Girl is Mine, Beat it, Wanna Be Startin somethin, Baby Be Mine, and many more.

The Dark Side of the Moon- This is 8th studio Album from Pink Floyd that is English progressive rock band. It is from progressive rock genre. It has two singles namely Time and Money that were commercially successful. This is often ranked as amongst the greatest musical collection forever.  This is the highest selling Albums after Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Greatest of all time

Music for my video

Creating a compelling video is a complicated process. Many things have to go right. The lighting has to be correct, the video content has to be good, and the editing has to be up to par. These things are very important, but there is another factor that can make or break a video: the music for the video montage.

Good background music for a video is vital to the overall success. The background music allows the other aspects of the video to shine. Good background music for videos takes a good video and transforms it into a great video. The difference is very drastic. At the same time, bad background music can greatly harm an otherwise good video. Instead of focusing on the content, viewers will be distracted by the poor background music.

So having good background music for your video can greatly improve the quality while bad music for your video montage can greatly reduce the quality. It’s easy to see how vital choosing quality background music is.

To choose good background music, for example from www.melodyloops.com/music-for/video, you must consider the tone of the video. If your video is casual, you can play pop or rap songs. If your video is serious, you should play motivational or sad songs. If your video is formal, consider playing classical music in the background. If you play the wrong music for the tone of the video, the video won’t seem right, so make sure you get this right.

You should also consider the audience of the video. Playing rap songs will probably be favorable to a younger audience, but an older audience will most likely object to the music. Understand the demographics of your video and choose your music accordingly.

Once you’ve determined what kind of music you want to play, you need to determine when you should play it. For some videos, you only need to play one song the entire time. If your video has transitions, it’s a good idea to play different tracks in order to emphasize the transition. Choose your songs wisely and have fun with it. Choose quality tracks that you think your audience will enjoy.

When you choose your music right, your video will greatly improve. Viewers will notice the music and view the video much more favorably. With good music choice, your video will receive more social media shares and thus more views. It’s vital that you get this step right, so plan your music our accordingly and watch as your videos greatly improve in quality.

Guitar Learning Software Programs

Guitar learning programs are among the single best ways to learn guitar and save money at the same time. Software programs are one of those many things that I wish I had when I was starting my learning process. I sometimes feel like I got the short end, having to ride my bike to the only guitar instructor in my city.

As the guitar becomes increasingly popular, more and more people turn to attempting to buy, and then, learn how to play the guitar. Despite the high price of good guitars, people are still very interested in purchasing them. In turn, this led to the availability of tutor-alternative programs and software to help new inspiring guitarist teach themselves how to play the guitar without hiring a tutor and having to pay a large sum of money for that.

Such programs teach the guitarist student how to play the guitar and provide them with sample songs ranging in difficulty for the easy tunes to the hardest rock cords. They provide both musical notation scripts and tabs in order to suit the learner’s needs. Using such resources, along with the teaching program, one should have no problems in learning how to play the guitar and will definitely have free/low cost fun while being guided through a wonderful experience that will teach one the exact skills required to play the guitar; and at no, or very little, cost.

A very good website that helps point guitarist in the right direction of such programs is “Guitar Smoke” which references many of the best available online tips and tricks on how to play the guitar, most programs contains lessons that teach you all you need to know about the guitar from the neck to straps. The site also has an e-mails section where people can post their problems and concerns and others can respond with solutions. All in all, it proves to be a great resource for anyone learning how to play the guitar at any level.

It is essential to have a reliable resource for guitar tabs to enable one to play certain songs and beats; Guitar Smoke has reviewed the best online guitar lesson websites where they offers many tabs and tunes for all types of music. These top guitar learning sites also provide chords libraries, forums and one-on-one video chat were its needed.

Just make sure you select a guitar learning software program that’s right for you and your learning style and you will be on your way.

How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar the Quick and Easy Way

The Internet if full of great resources like MyFirstAxe.com that lists several awesome acoustic (and electric) guitars for only a few hundred bucks each. 

Congratulations!  That’s a decision you will not regret.  Learning how to play the guitar is a lot of fun.  It’s one of those hobbies that is completely endless because there is so much good music in the world to learn how to play.

You could probably even score yourself a great acoustic guitar package on the cheap! So how do you know where to start and what to look for in a quality beginner guitar?


Start Off with an Acoustic Guitar:

Fortunately it’s not too tough to get on the right path when you’re just starting off learning the guitar.

If there’s one type of guitar I can recommend in the beginning, it’s an acoustic guitar.

An acoustic guitar is different from an electric guitar because there is no amp or sound effects to hide your sound.  Everything is stripped away.  If you make a mistake, you’ll hear it.  If you mess up while you play, you’ll know it.

That’s especially important when you’re just starting out and need to know where your faults are at.  As the old saying goes “I can’t fix it if I don’t know it’s broken”.  Set yourself up to embrace your mistakes by starting off with a good acoustic guitar.


How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar the Easy Way:

When you’re starting out, you’re probably not going to want to invest too much into a new guitar.  And that’s fine.  You can always upgrade your instrument later.

But does that mean you should start off with any old stick of wood?  Absolutely not!  You’re going to want to make sure you get the maximum level of quality per dollar that you can find.

Here’s how to do that.  Forget going to a guitar store.  Forget going to a pawn shop.

In fact the only thing you really need to do is what you’re doing right now: Sit on your computer!

The Internet if full of great resources like this best guitar for beginners guide that lists several awesome acoustic (and electric) guitars for only a few hundred bucks each.  Plus each one of their recommendations is available from Amazon.  So that means good things by itself like weekly sales and free shipping right to your door!  You could probably even score yourself a good starter acoustic guitar package on the cheap!

The absolutely best thing about buying new guitars off of Amazon: All the things you used to have to watch your back for at shady pawn shops is 100% eliminated.  You can:

  • Read the reviews from past purchasers
  • Not worry about the “used” condition from the previous owner since it is coming to you direct from the factory
  • Have confidence in knowing that you’re receiving a warranty baring the instrument from any defects or damage.  If the guitar arrives with a problem, you can simply ship it back for another one or refund!

In my opinion, Amazon has made the process of buying an acoustic guitar completely fool proof and simple.  I can remember when I used to have to drive 1 hour to the nearest music store only to try out the 8 or so guitars they had in stock.  With Amazon virtually every catalog from every major guitar manufacturer is available at my fingertips.  How awesome is that!

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