Select a Track- Karaoke Songs

There are many classics when it comes to the world of Karaoke, with many people sticking to their favourite karaoke songs as a way to remain confident when taking the stage. But it is surprising how many people don’t realise they ‘know’ the wrong words until they flash up on the screen in front of them.

A friend and I regularly take the stage to give our own unique rendition of Sean Paul’s ‘Temperature’ or as we affectionately title it ‘Angola’ as in; “Girl, I’ve got the right Ant Ticks to turn you on, ANGOLA!’

This got me thinking and so I have asked a couple of friends their favourite karaoke song and the best misheard lyrics that they have heard, below is a list I’ve compiled of my findings.

1)      Kids in America- Kim Wilde

This song is upbeat and doesn’t have any of those difficult key changes that can trip you up and make you feel uncomfortable. Plus it’s got parts that you can shout without being snickered at!

2)      Rock DJ- Robbie Williams

This is a song that reminds me of my childhood so it makes me relax right into the song. The actual song is not difficult as you can mainly just speak it and it’s fast enough that if you mess up on the lyrics no one is really going to notice.


3)      We Built This City- Starship

The song is simple and has a large impact! It is an iconic song and is upbeat! Also, people only tend to know the chorus so there is no pressure to get all the words right!


4)      Man! I Feel Like a Woman- Shania Twain

This song is easy to sing and everyone knows it. Plus it has enough of a beat for me to dance along with whilst I’m on stage!


5)      Feel Good Inc- Gorrilaz

Almost no one knows the words, it’s great! Most of the time I just make random noises into the microphone and it doesn’t matter! I’m not a very confident singer so this song means I can just relax into it and just enjoy myself.


6)      Oh So Quiet- Bjork

It’s impossible to whisper or shout off key! Plus the chorus lets you act crazy on stage and it makes no impact on what you’re saying.